Fractal City - using AE fractal noise to generate complex forms in Mir

I really love the fractal noise generator in After Effects, and it works beautifully as a source for displacement maps in Mir. This is almost entirely procedurally generated - no bitmaps or external assets used.

You can download the After Effects project files from if you want to have a play with it.

Music by Conelrad 



Integrating Trapcode Particular and Element 3D / Cinema 4D using Z-buffer

Harry Franks shows a way to get Trapcode Particular and Element 3D or Cinema 4D to integrate niceley using a Z-Buffer. This is a type of depth-compositing technique and the aim is to achieve automatic obscuration so particles can pass both in front and behind a 3D object – a kind of unified 3D space between the softwares.


TEMPO - info and tutorials

Watch the short film TEMPO

Here we'll collect tutorials and other information on TEMPO.

First up is a tutorial on creating beautiful fire using Trapcode Particular and some stock footage:

Next is a tutorial on the 3D bee swarm:

More stuff will be added to this page as it is published.


Getting motion vectors from C4D to Particular 2.2

Tutorial by Ron Trevino explaining how to get Cinema 4D to render motion vectors that can be used with Trapcode Particular 2.2


Galaxy Nebula with Trapcode Particular Tutorial