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World premiere of short film EXODUS!
Commissioned by Trapcode. Made by POTEMKIN.

POTEMKIN notes: 
"This low poly semi-epic child hood tribute space saga called EXODUS was born when Peder Norrby asked us to make a short film using Trapcode MIR. We accepted the challenge, made up a multi part narrative and went to work, letting the plugin affect both our creative, narrative and technical results.

This is the first part of a space epic, establishing the protagonists and a fragment of the universe as well as the timeline in which EXODUS takes place."

Music and visuals by Magnus Östergren
Production management by Thomas Oger
Produced by POTEMKIN
Commissioned by TRAPCODE

More info on EXODUS and image gallery

More info on Trapcode Mir


Trapcode Mir and Trapcode Suite 12 released

Trapcode Suite 12 and Trapcode Mir is now released:


Here is a quick walk-through of Trapcode Mir:

For a more comprehensive description of functionality, check out the Trapcode Mir training.

Mir works in AE CS4 and up. (It may work in earlier versions but not tested and not supported)

Please note that Trapcode Mir is a GPU-based plug-in. It requires an Nvidia or AMD GPU that supports OpenGL 2.1 and has 512MB VRAM. It may work on lesser cards, for example a 256MB card may render SD comps, but crash on HD comps. Intel GPU's are currently not supported. We recommend a recent Ndvida/AMD GPU with 1024MB VRAM.

Other product fixes included in the Trapcode Suite 12 update (these are of course free updates):

  • Form and Particular  – fixes the issue of CS6 not updating sprite textures, layer emitters, and layer maps correctly when editing an input layer.
  • Lux 1.3.0 -  adds dither for 8 and 16 bit  (smoother gradients Lighting)
  • Echospace – fixes a bug with Layer Delay.

Trapcode Suite 12 ships with two Guru Packs by David Vinson for Shine and Particular, giving you 105 bonus presets for broadcast-ready design.

Origamix - Mir example - download AEP

Liquid Chrome - Mir example - download AEP

MIR on fire - download AEP



TRAPCODE MIR™ is a new Adobe After Effects plug-in under development scheduled for release summer 2012. It is polygon-based and fully GPU accelerated. A preview of MIR will be shown in public for the first time at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas.

Schedule Peder Norrby - Red Giant booth SL2124
2PM on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

© Magnus V Östergren (Potemkin)© Yan Breuleux

More examples



I got myself a Kinect and started experimenting with displaying polygons based on the depth-map. Used ofxKinect and openFrameworks. Runs in real-time.

Polygonect from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.


Cubist Man from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.

If you are interested in running these real-time effects during your performance, please contact me: peder DOT norrby AT gmail DOT com.