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LANDESCAPE teaser by John H. King

Peder Norrby comments: "Exceptional work from John H. King. He seems to use matchmoving to integrate wonderful abstract Trapcode Particular elements into city scenes. One impressive thing is how he works with light so that the sun seems to illuminate and shine through the elements and shadows seem to be cast."

John H. King writes:

"At the very end of all things, like in the first beginning, No one knows
Everything is about to be written.

So, slowly, the vail of illusion fades out.

Thoughts and memories mix up, an immutable dance of time, space, shadow and light, and in the core of vacuity, the invisible world rebirth.

The world that never was."

Teaser for a short movie I'm working on for months now on my personal free time. Still a lot of work to do... Hope to release a Final cut on the fall 2011. After so many hours working on it, just sharing some of the shots! Hope you will like the mood of the "invisible".

Adobe After Effects CS5
Particular 2.1
5D Mark II
The priceless support from Somepling
Ten thousand cups of Coffee

J.H.K 2011


Afloat by Barbecue

An amazing piece by German shop Barbecue.

Barbecue notes:

"The Setup are 3 Layers with a 7000*7000 particles wide Form. Every Form instance has also two additional layers in Z. At the end we would tweak the setup a little and let it render for 5000 frames. That took 12-24 hours on a 8 core (16 instance) MacPro. After 4 weeks we had enough footage to pick the best parts and edit the material."

Peder Norrby notes: "This is mind-blowing work by Barbecue. Warning Kids! Don't expect to create stuff like this if you are a newbie at Trapcode, these guys are super pro's. They blow my mind, and I created the software!"


Mattias Peresini


Rhett Dashwood

Two amazing clips by Rhett Dashwood both using Trapcode Form very elegantly.

Mind Soul Spirit / John H. King

Mind, Soul and Spirit Ident (Ms2 - 2010) from John H. King on Vimeo.


John H King notes:

This video introduces the new Mind Soul and Spirit ident, a French creative community gathered around pictures (mind), music (soul) and video (spirit).

The video is entirely created with Adobe After Effects and the amazing Trapcode Particular 2. I tried to produce something very different from what I usually saw coming out with this plug-in.

 The main idea was to express Life through different levels.

The Mind animation represents Nature as the Source of Life, mother of everything, the intelligence in nature as the beginning of anything around us, the mysterious unknown where all begins and ends.

The Soul animation sounds like two brain hemispheres, and creates a kind of parallel with the cellular division. The left side and the right side are like stereo in music. This floating brain is surrounded by a twin snake (DNA) coming out from the center of the human brain, from the symbolic third eye.This cosmic snake shapes a circle around the brain's hemispheres, mastering time and human creation. 

The Spirit animation is more abstract, uncatchable, with a kind of unstable shape, like thoughts always moving and changing in our heads. It’s hard to describe how it works how to define it. Is it true or just electric impulses in our brain, the total sum of our knowledge or something else that links us all on another level, or is it our true identity beyond our present life?

Finally the Spirit merges with Mind and Soul, but this impact sounds more like a positive explosion, like a regenerative event, giving birth to the mind soul and spirit packshot with three logos: the scarab (mind), the phoenix (soul) and the dragon (spirit).

Three strong symbols of eternity or constant rebirth stating in many cultures around the Globe.

Music : Somepling
Sound : GuiZ

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