FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles

Trapcode Form was used in these amazing titles for the FITC Tokyo 2015 conference. Lots of tools and tricks are used of course, and Form plays perhaps a small role here but a good example of non-obvious and creative use of Form. Read more about the making of in this great Motionographer article.

Nicolas notes here in the comments "We actually used FORM quite a bit in this. Most of the textures of the glitch were generated with form."

These titles feel fresh, exciting, new and yet relatable. The music is great too. It's pretty much a perfect work in my opinion. Enjoy! And congrats to the makers!

Director: Ash Thorp
Producer: Andrew Hawryluk
Art Director: Michael Rigley
Type Designer: Nicolas Girard
Designers: Ash Thorp, Michael Rigley, Nicolas Girard
Type Animators: Nicolas Girard, Alasdair Willson
Animators: Michael Rigley, Chris Bjerre, Andrew Hawryluk 
Computational Artist: Albert Omoss
Process Reel Editor: Franck Deron
Composer: Pilotpriest

Process Reel is killer too:

And this type animatic:

FITC Type animatic from Nicolas Girard on Vimeo.


Black Flow

Test of the new fractal type Multi SmoothRidge. More info and AEP for download.


Up there

Mir test render


Mir Thing Tutorial

Check out the new tutorial!

Explains the technique used to create stuff like this:


Maintenance release

Particular 2.2.3 fixes the cache issue.

Sound Keys 1.2.3 fixes the zero output issue.

Avaliable right now (or very shortly) via Red Giant Link.