BELLS MUSIC VIDEO by Stuart Sinclair

Stunning music video for Suns "Bells" by Stuart Sinclair.  A psychedelic journey into space and magnificent sound-synced particles.

Sinclair notes:

In the Summer of 2013 Suns approached me with the idea of developing a music video for their track 'Bells' and upon listening to the track -which I loved- I immediately had thoughts of an astronaut travelling alone through space. With this initial image in mind I began experimenting with various visual effects using After Effects.

I used two AE plugins: Plexus 2.0 and Trapcode Form, I started to develop my ideas which involved generating the thin line aesthetic and dots that I was after. The majority of the 3D models used in the video are based on real objects from Space; the Hubble Space Telescope, Progress and Voyager 1. The planets and moons in the video are generated using NASA imagery, and helped to create a formal aspect to an otherwise abstract piece. Once I'd settled on the visual look for the piece, I began to think about how the structure will be developed in relation to the journey of the astronaut and the emotion of the track.

It was a pleasure to work with Suns on this project.
For more on suns go to

Stuart Sinclair:

On using Trapcode plug-ins, Sinclair notes:

I used the .obj feature of Trapcode Form which I had not fully explored before (and it's much faster to render than Plexus). It was very experimental project, I had a lot of 3D models of various space objects that I played with in Cinema 4D and then used the .obj to generate the shape of the Trapcode Form particles. The other method was to use Z-displacement for the planets and moons that I got from NASA (a bit like the Radiohead video "House of Cards"). I also used Sound Keys to sync particle movement/scale with sound.

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Reader Comments (1)

Great work Stuart,
It would be interesting to see the files or some video tutorials on your technique.

December 26, 2016 | Registered CommenterAntalessVisualDesign

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