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Trapcode ProLoop 1.1 now available

- MP3-files now work properly (bug reported by Ann-Louise Liljedahl)
- Fixed occasional crash when opening the soundfiles list (bug reported by Mark French)
- The 'none' button in the soundfiles list now work

New Features
- Show the name of the soundfile next to each loop
- Bulk upload of samples, if you upload a ZIP archive it will automatically be unpacked to your custom Loops
- Color-group soundfiles by their first 3 characters
- Updated users guide

ProLoop info


Trapcode ProLoop - new iPhone app

New type of audio loop app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Written by Jonatan Liljedahl.

Trapcode ProLoop is a powerful and flexible loop player for professional musicians as well as hobbyists. Use it as a live electronic instrument by itself or as an addition to your other gear, or just play around with it and explore the possibilities!

ProLoop comes bundled with many professional loops by Mokira (Andreas Tilliander), Håkan Lidbo, Kymatica and others. It also includes some demo sessions to get you started. But the real power comes by the fact that you can upload your own soundfiles to ProLoop through your web-browser!

Example use (flash video): ProLoop example use
Manual: http://www.trapcode.com/storage/proloop/proloop.html
iTunes Store Link: http://itunes.apple.com/se/app/proloop/id353139847

Some creative uses of ProLoop by PrackVJ: clip1 clip2 clip3
Here is one by Calvin Cardioid: clip


Notes on the ProLoop 1.1 update