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Work in progress: EXODUS by POTEMKIN

Trapcode has commissioned an animated short film to director/designer Magnus Östergren at Potemkin: www.potemkin.se. The film is to be based on the Trapcode Mir plug-in. This new plug-in provides the artist with a polygon mesh that can be displaced with a fractal and shaded in a number of different ways. The plug-in tries to encourage playing and has a very open-ended functionality, no specific problem was set out to be solved, but rather new problems and solutions are thought to be conceived with it.

Östergren says "The film is set in space in an alternate universe. Logic and photorealism are low priority but cool scenery and glows rule supreme". Magnus, who also creates the soundtrack for the film, continues "I like the concept of 'art by accident', just letting stuff evolve, like in my music production. In Trapcode Mir I found a great tool for this method."

The film has the look of low-poly/abstract with sci-fi/fantasy elements and is set to premiere in January 2013 on the Trapcode website: www.trapcode.com.


Bcco Particular Grid by Jesse Nikette

Lovely piece by Jesse Nikette. View on Vimeo

"An experiment using Trapcode Particular particle grid for use in live visuals."

Music Track: SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross Distributed by Tubemogul.




the stars are projectors by rpgamer2003

Wonderful abstract piece by rpgamer2003 (Marcus Eckert) using Trapcode Particular. View on Vimeo

UPDATE: get the AE project file from Marcus site.

Music from musopen.com

I don't know if there is a relation, but it is similar to another amazing piece from the gallery: Peter Menich's "Fast Fourier Transform".




Rymden // Ode to Kymatica


I tried to envision the music as colors and moving shapes. I use Trapcode Sound Keys and Trapcode Form in Adobe After Effects.

Music by Kymatica

Continuation of vimeo.com/8515375


Darkness Visible

Emotions of the massive, unstoppable, pitch-black darkness.
Crank up the volume and fullscreen it, please.

3D done in Cinema 4D. I added light-effects in AE using Trapcode Sound Keys.
The sound is the intro from: Shpongle - Shpongle Falls

This work is a continuation of Abstract Cubism: vimeo.com/8415741