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64-bit is here!

On day one of the AE CS5 release Red Giant posted the 64-bit Trapcode versions - how's that for speedy upgrades? We wanted to wow our dear customers and our great partner Adobe and put a lot of energy into getting the 64-bit native versions available from day one. Kudos to the RG engineering team!

Owners of Trapcode Particular v2 - FREE upgrade to 64 bit version (until June 30, 2010)

Recent purchases (on or after April 12th) - FREE upgrades.

Individual product upgrades are $29 each, and the full Trapcode Suite can be upgraded for $99.

Read more here. Or check out Aharon Rabinowitz video on this subject.

Goodbye memory errors! Hello 30-second RAM previews! (or at least three) :-) And as a bonus some render-speed improvements.

NOTE: This 64-bit stuff has nothing do to with bit depth of rendering, only the address space of the CPU which used to be 3-4 GB with 32-bit addressing. Now we can (in theory) address up to 2^64 bytes = 17,179,869,184 GB.