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Trapcode Suite refreshed for AE CC 2015

Trapcode Suite has been updated for CC 2015. One problem remains with Sound Keys - it cannot generate new keyframes when run in AE CC 2015. Your old project will load and work fine, it is just new generation that doesn't work. This issue will require a fix from Adobe, they are aware and on it.

Because of this issue we recommend that you keep CC 2014 side by side. The CC 2015 installer by defualt removes any previous installations, so read this before you install CC 2015.

More info and how to get the updates.


Free CS6 updates

Trapcode Suite 11 has been updated for Adobe CS6:


Maintenance release: Form 2.0.1 and Lux 1.2.1

We've fixed some bugs and added an "Invert Z" option for the OBJ's in Form 2.0. Read more and download the update here.


Trapcode Form 1.1.1 CS5 maintenance release - bug fixes  

This update fixes two bugs in CS5 (no need to update if you have CS3/CS4 - these were in CS5 only):

- the undo bug (also caused problems in 4-view mode)
- the aliasing / moire / cross rendering artifact

Get it from Red Giant: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/blog/2011/02/14/showing-great-form-1-1-1-update-available-now/