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Rainfall - My Panda Shall Fly - Yoshihide Sodeoka

Yoshihide Sodeoka has made a colorful, playful and quite psychedelic music video for My Pands Shall Fly's beautiful track "Rainfall".

Yoshihide used "tons of Particular, some Form, Starglow and Echospace" when making the video.

Read an article and interview about this video from The Creators Project

Also check out Yoshihide's website and listen to My Panda Shall Fly on soundcloud.



Inside the Nebulae

An imagination of flying in the gas clouds of space. 

Actual images of nebulas taken with the Hubble space telescope were combined in After Effects with CG gas clouds and stars made using Trapcode Form and Starglow.

Music: We Own The Sky by M83

The image in the first and second part is from the Eagle Nebula. Image by NASA / Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen. The third is the Horsehead Nebula. Image by NASA. The fourth is the Omega Nebula. Image by NASA, ESA and J. Hester (ASU).

Tutorial Available! And AE project file for download.


Nanodesign by gkaster

I really like this one. Originally posted to the Trapcode Gallery in June 26, 2008. It uses a lot of 3D obviously, probably done in Cinema 4D. Trapcode Starglow and Form were used.