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Facing a tight three-week production deadline for the project, machenschaft decided to ditch the 3D apps and use GPU-based Trapcode Mir in AE to create their awesome graphics.

I asked Damir Zrno why they used Mir for this project, how it was used and what he thought of it. "First of all I was curious about Mir and wanted to give it a try. The short timeframe was the reason why 3D was not an option. I totally enjoyed the speed of Mir. There were mostly two kinds of Mir combined with a light setup; one was using an amplitude map (Fractal Noise) and the other without the map. After a couple of trial-and-error runs we had what we wanted. Pulling on some values changed every shot pretty fast into a new sculptures. 3000x800 vertices were used. Every extension was done with Mir, besides the packshot. Production was three weeks not including shooting in India."