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Jean-Marie Marbach for La Casa Azul

Really stunning work in this music video for La Casa Azul by Jean-Marie Marbach.

Jean-Marie notes: "I've recently directed a music video for indie Spanish band La Casa Azul (Elefant Records), in which Particular and Form were used for various VFX shots :

Stars, 3D Nebulae and weird space energy ribbons were done with both Particular and Form.
Particles emitted from the characters' hands were done with Particular (I would have loved to try the new motion vector input for this scene, but the shots were already completed when V 2.2 was released).
The flock of birds in the sky was done with particular, with footage of real stabilized birds as custom particles.
The android's transformation was done with Particular, and the footage as a layer emitter, so that the particles could inherit all of the girl's different colors.
The trail behind the crystal ball was done with Particular. Several layers were generated : The main visible particles, and more geometric particle trails used as displacement map, in order to get a more organic look.
Finally, the Earth shot was done with Form. The base Form was set to "Sphere - Layered" in order to get a real 3D Earth. 12 different layers of particles (main land, shore lights, cities, etc…) were generated using 16K Earth maps as layer maps. Additional layers of clouds were added with Particular.
Full video: