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Quantum of Solace / MK12

MK12 // Quantum of Solace: Main Title Sequence Reel from MK12 on Vimeo.

In creating the main titles for Quantum of Solace, MK12 set out to design a powerful sequence that not only paid homage to Bond title sequences of the past but also exploited new technologies to its advantage, creating a micro-narrative to work in concert with the film's premise.

As many of the film's locales are desert-based (also a convenient analogy for Bond's mental state following Casino Royale), that became the thematic backbone of the title sequence. MK12 designed several sequences in which sand was an integral 'character', sometimes as a background element, but also at times coming to the foreground and behaving in ways that were impossible to capture on film alone.

For those sequences, MK12 created composites of manipulated live-action sand plates, advanced particle simulations and enhancements using Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular.

“As we were working with a very compressed schedule, choosing software with a simple interface but complex output was critical. As with many of our past projects, the Trapcode Suite proved to be a useful, if not essential, production tool. Many of our final compositions in Quantum were enhanced & sweetened - and in some instances developed entirely - using Trapcode,” said the team at MK12.

More information about this and other projects can be found at http://mk12.com.

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